Carlos Chamorro

Parcela P8a Park

Carlos is Landscape Architect and Urban Designer licensed by the Universities of Greenwich and Westminster respectively. (United Kingdom)

He has been a teacher in the Department of Landscaping of the UCJC (Universidad Camilo José Cela) of Madrid, and previously in the Landscape school Castillo de Batres. Performing simultaneously during the last nineteen years, the university teaching and the exercise of the profession of Landscape Architect.

He has a long experience in the field of urban design and landscaping and works for almost twenty years in projects of different scale and type in Spain and the Middle East, highlighting the urban design and landscaping of, corporate headquarters, business parks, shopping centers, football stadiums and public parks.

Since 1999 and currently works as Project Manager for Urbanism and Landscape Architecture at FENWICK IRIBARREN, a leading company in both national and international scope.


Rafael Hidalgo

National Green Infrastructure Strategy



Cristina del Pozo

Planning and Design of Urban Green Infrastructure

Cristina del Pozo (BSc, MLArch, PhD), Landscape Architect, Associate Professor and Program Director for the Bachelor´s Degree in Landscape Architecture at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid.

She has been visiting Research Fellow (2010) at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design, and invited to numerous international lectures. In the professional field, she runs a landscape architecture firm based in Madrid since 2007: Sunlight



Ignacio Diez

Experiences on green infrastructure in spatial planning

Ignacio Diez is an Agricultural and Environmental Engineer and Master in Ladscape Architecture and PHG in graphic representation in Architecture: "Visuality of rural & cultural landscapes".

He has worked for the regional government of Valencian the field Landscape Planning Participating in mayor projects such as, The Protection Plan for the Huerta of Valencia. As CEO of his start-up Landscape & Architecture,CERCLE.

He has made the primary focus of the organization in Evnironmental Design, handles and works with technical issues such as Landscape Planning as well as Landscape Architecture. Nowadays, Ignacio is working on the Green Infrastructure of Andorra, the coastal plan for the Valencian region and the metropolitan plan for the area of Alicante-Elche.



Fernando Santos

Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure. Esmeralda Project EU H2020

Dr. Fernando Santos-Martín is an associate professor at the Rey Juan Caros I University of Madrid and a researcher at the Department of Ecology, Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain). In 2001 and after his studies as a Forestry Engineer, at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, he worked for 6 years as an associate researcher at the International Center for Agroforestry Research (ICRAF) in Southeast Asia where he worked on issues related to poverty, climate change and deforestation.

In 2007 he obtained his doctorate in the Forest Engineering Department of the University of Córdoba (Spain) and in 2008-2009 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis (California, USA) studying the impact of climate change on agricultural landscapes.

Since 2010, his main research lines have focused on ecosystem assessment in relation to human systems, with special attention to the concept of ecosystem services. He is involved in several national and international research projects, in which the National Assessment of Ecosystems in Spain stands out at the national level.



Puy Alonso

Landscape Architecture and Urban Biodiversity. A change of paradigm?

Puy Alonso, biologist (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Master in Landscape Architecture (Universidade de Evora, Portugal). With a first professional stage in environmental consulting, in 2004 she founded IRATI PROYECTOS, a studio dedicated to the design of green spaces at all scales. The conceptual and programmatic approach of the projects and works carried out seek to improve the functional biodiversity of the intervention spaces, and the promotion of the experience of nature for citizens. 

She is currently combining her professional work with lectures in the Landscape Architecture Degree at Universidad Camilo José Cela. Some of the works she has developed in recent years are the Study of the Application of the Green Plan and Biodiversity in Parks and Gardens of Barcelona and the assesment, from an ecological approach, of the green spaces system in the context of an urban development in Illescas (Toledo).



Efrén Feliú

Nature technology for climate change adaptation. Efectivity of NBS. Experiences and best practices.

Holds a Building Engineering Degree (Arquitecto Técnico) as well as different postgraduates (spatial planning and development, intercultural studies, social psychology and MBA for NGOs). Has a relevant professional background in consultancy and strengthening initiatives for public administrations and utilities, specially focused in the fields of local sustainability, spatial planning and development, climate adaptation and resilience. Worked in Central America for over 4 years, and is involved in European initiatives for more than 18 years.

He is currently Climate Change Manager at the Energy and Environment Division of Tecnalia, coordinating research projects or the development of Decision Support Systems in the fields of sustainable spatial development, nature based solutions, regional-urban resilience and climate change adaptation.



Nuno Almeida

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) new landscapes of Barcelona

Nuno Almeida, Landscape Architecture from the University of Évora (Portugal) and Scuola di Specializazzione in Architecttura dei Giardini Progrettazione e Assetto del Paesaggio of the Faculty of Architecture of Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy). Postgraduate in "Urban Project" from Politécnica de  Cataluña University (UPM). In 1998 he was a Leonardo DaVinci Scholarship recipient at the Botanical Institute of Barcelona.

Founder of LAbA Landscape Architecture by Almeida. Since 1996 he has worked in architectural, engineering and landscaping studies, with multidisciplinary teams in projects. His projects include the Botanical Garden of Barcelona, Diagonal Mar Parl, Fòrum de les Cultures (Barcelona), Port Aventura (Tarragona) and Parc Central del Poblenou (Barcelona).
LAbA Landscape Architecture by Almeida



José Luis Infanzón

Public Space, Madrid

José Luis Infanzón. Director General de Espacio Público, Obras e Infraestructuras. Área de Gobierno de Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible, Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Arquitecto Urbanista.  Fulbright Advanced Research Award. School of Architecture Planning and Preservation. Universidad de Columbia en el año 1991.

Ha sido desde el año 2001 hasta el año 2012 Profesor Asociado del Departamento de Urbanística y Ordenación del Territorio de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y desde esa fecha hasta la actualidad Profesor Ad Honorem de la misma Universidad. Ha sido Subdirector de Proyectos Singulares del Área de Urbanismo y Vivienda entre 2009 y 200, Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

Director General de la Revisión del Plan General entre los años 2011 y 2015, Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Actualmente es Director General del Espacio Público, Obras e Infraestructuras del Área de Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.


Danny Nagle

Grant Associates; 20 years of creative sustainable design

Studied Landscape Architecture at Heriot-Watt University/Edinburgh College of Art.  L’École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage, Versailles. Studied Urbanism, Urban Planning and Local Development at Sciences-Po, Paris.

Danny joined Grant Associates in 2007, following two years working in the UK on park designs, residential and education projects. Prior to this, he spent five years in Paris, where he studied town planning and worked on a range of large scale landscape masterplanning projects including the rehabilitation of the River Luye in Gap and a 2km-long park on the banks of the River Seine in Paris. From these large-scale hydrological projects, the importance of rainwater management as an attractive structural element has formed an intrinsic part of Danny’s projects.

Projects realised at Grant Associates have been taken from concept, through detail design and site delivery and include several residential and mixed use projects such as Bath Western Riverside, M.O.D Caversfield in Bicester and New Islington in Manchester. He has also been the project landscape architect for St Paul’s School in London and GEMS World Academy, Etoy in Switzerland.



Ana Coello

Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, Barcelona

Ana Coello de Llobet studied architecture in Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, from which she graduated in 1999. She then carried out a Master in Landscape Architecture in Harvard University Graduate School of Design with a scholarship from Rafael del Pino Foundation.

Before starting her independent professional career, Ana worked in several landscape architecture studios, such as Agence Ter in Paris, Martha Schwartz Partners in Boston and Peter Walker & partners Landscape Architecture in San Francisco, and architecture studios such as Cristian Cirici i Associats and Nogué, Onzain Roig Arquitectes Associats in Barcelona.

Nowadays, Ana Coello runs her Ladnscape Architecture studio, Ana Coello Arquitectura y Paisaje



Susana Canogar

Landscape Architecture Project of Plaza de España, Madrid

Susana Canogar studied in Environmental Sciences at the University of Wales, United Kingdom. Later, she specialized in urban design through the Master in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, USA.

She combines the academic teaching and project management. Her teaching work is developed in Degree of Landscaping UCJC; Master Urban Interior Design, CEU / Polytechnic of Milan; Master of Gardening and Landscaping UPM. She highlights her experience as landscape director of the "Airport City of Valdebebas City" area in Madrid. She has coordinated landscaping and urban design since the first phases of planning. Susana has developed environmental policy advice in the General Directorate of Environment, Ministry of Public Works and Urban Planning (1987-1990). She runs Evergreen Paisajismo S.L, since 1993. She is also a Board Member, The Cultural Landscape Foundation.



Gabino Carballo

Public Green Spaces improvement projects

Gabino Carballo, Landscape from the Castillo de Batres School (Madrid) and the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. With a master's degree in Project Management and Management from the Ramón Llul University BES La Salle in Barcelona. He works as a landscape technical responsible for investment projects of the Direcció de Espais Verds i Biodiversitat, Barcelona. He specialized in the projects management to improve green spaces in Barcelona, following different investment and internal improvement programs.

Accumulate an experience of more than two decades in design and implementation of green spaces, from private gardens to large public squares. Practice teaching in different professional fields with repeated publications in digital and print media. Nowadays, he is a CCOO union delegate from Parcs i Jardins de Barcelona.


David Jiménez

Development of Landscape Architecture projects in Spain. From 1990 to nowadays

David Jiménez. Arquitect and Landscape Architect.Architect by the University of Alicante. He has lived in London, Amsterdam and Vienna. He has worked for Joaquín Alvado and Gabu Heindl among other architects. His work has been exhibited and published in several magazines and media.

In 2012, he was head of Private Garden Design Department at Viveros Ferpas, Alicante, where he made more more than 50 private gardens from 2012 to 2014. In 2014 he joined Spacecoop, International Landscape Architecture. Since then he had developed projects for Lamela Studio, L35 Architects, Wanda Group and many others. And the same time he's teaching at URJC, works in his master thesis and researches of landscape history of  at the end of the 20th century.



Miguel García Ovejero

Herbaceous communities in public space

Enthusiast of design, culture and nature, he begins his professional career as a Forestry Engineer. After several years working with private companies and public administrations, he travels to Sheffield (England) to deepen his training with a Master of Landscape Architecture, where he discovers the new trends of naturalism and urban design.

Since 2014 he runs his own studio, working on national and international projects and working with Pictorial Meadows and various public institutions on the use of herbaceous communities in the public space.
Pictorial Meadows



James Hitchmough


James works as Professor of Horticultural Ecology at the University of Sheffield since 2004. He became Head of Department in September 2014, which the largest Landscape Architecture unit in the UK.

He research has been centred around developing novel approaches to public planting design, that allow for the creation of rich experiences for urban people, and habitat opportunities for native biodiversity, but at he same time, be established and managed at low levels of finance, energy and other diminishing resources. Through the application of cross disciplinary perspectives his work is intended to paradigms as to the very nature of what urban planting might be in the C21st in a time of climate change, sustainability and biodiversity.

Post the Olympics he has worked on variety of planting design commissions. His latest project is one of "Apple-converted-space" five permanent gardens at the 2019 Beijing Expo highlighting how to design ecologically based planting with native Chinese species. In April 2017, “Sowing Beauty” was published in which James describes his approach to naturalistic sown vegetation.



Silvia Villegas

Cultivation and use in landscaping of wild plants in the Iberian Peninsula

Silvia Villegas studied Plant Biology at the University of Granada. In 2000 she moved to United Kingdom and stayed there for 7 years, where she studied at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (HNC) and she worked at Benmore Botanic Garden. She also worked in Brantwood´s gardens, John Ruskin's house museum in the Lake District. In 2004 she started to study at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, obtaining the Kew Diploma in Horticulture in 2007.

During 2003-2004 she worked in Sparoza´garden, belongs The Mediterranean Garden Society in Greece.

In 2007 she returned to Spain, to work as a technician in the living collections at the Royal Botanic Garden, CSIC of Madrid and since 2015 she is curator of the living collections and garden. It also represents the Ibero-Macaronesian Association of Botanical Gardens (AIMJB) in The European Botanic Gardens Consortium.



Oliver Filipi

Mediterranean landscapes, a new inspiration for low maintenance garden

Olivier Filippi and his wife, Clara, run a specialist nursery, located in the South of France, dedicated to drought tolerant plants.

Olivier and Clara started their research in the 1980s and since then have travelled extensively throughout the Mediterranean and to similar climate regions around the world to study plant adaptation in dry climates. Their experience of plants in the wild and their experiments in their own trial garden have given them a unique understanding of the needs of dry climate plants.

Based on their knowledge of landscape dynamics across the Mediterranean, they continue to work on a new approach to low maintenance and pesticide free gardens for dry climate regions. Olivier is a photographer and author of several books. He lectures frequently on dry gardening techniques and design inspired by Mediterranean landscapes.



Laura Jeschke

Low Cost Landscape. Case studies or European urban parks

Anna Laura Jeschke is a Landscape Architect (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), and has a Masters Degree in Landscape from the Universidad Politecnica Madrid (UPM). She is currently working on her PhD thesis "Low cost landscape" at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning ETSAM (UPM), in collaboration with the Institute of Landscape Architecture (ILA), BOKU, Vienna.

She lives and works in Madrid and Berlin. Her work deals with the planning and design of public space and urban green areas. She is currently teaching at the Bachelor Program for Landscape Architecture of the University Rey Juan Carlos Madrid.



Miguel Urquijo

Planting design and visual references

Miguel Urquijo co founded of Urquijo-Kastner, landscaping and garden design studio. It is located in Madrid. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the University or Buckingham in the United Kingdom. Miguel has designed several gardens on a freelance base, the first in 1993.

Since 2001, Renate Kastner and Miguel Urquijo have carried out all their work in Spain, and have specialised their projects in private gardens and similar locations. Their personal involvement in projects has resulted in a detailed and meticulous work methodology, where each part of the process is treated as a craft.



Fernando Martos

Design with herbaceous plants in mediterranean gardena

Fernando is a  Spanish landscape designer who, after studying at the Escuela de Paisajismo y Jardinería Castillo de Batres (landscaping and gardening school in Madrid), continued his training by working as a gardener at Newby Hall in Yorkshire.

He fell in love with English gardens and, upon returning to Spain, began to experiment in a family garden near Estepa, inspired by the example set by Beth Chatto and her gardening with drought resistant plants. When education, experience, passion and a desire to experiment come together, the results are generally excellent. the conjunction of the English design with the Spanish countryside.
Fernando Martos



Laura Hannappel

Working “in between”

Laura Hannappel is born in Essen, Germany and studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. Since 2013 she works for the Vienna based Office for Urban Renewal with a focus on housing- and block renovation on a neighborhood scale, participation and gentrification. Since 2014 she also works for the architecture office SUPERBLOCK on several social housing projects, exhibitions and urban research.



Ana Carmen Lavín

Aranjuez Gardens: World Heritage Cultural landscape



Carmen Toribio

200 years greening Madrid. Municipal Nurseries

PhD in architecture from School of Architecture of Madrid. With complementary studies at the School of Landscaping and Gardening Castullo de Batres (Madrid), specializing in restoration of Historic Gardens. It stands out her long teaching experience. From 1993 uninterrupted until today (Castillo de Batres School, Degree in Landscape Architecture at the UCJC, Master of Landscaping at the UPM and ETSAM). 

She has made contributions in various publications, also participating in congresses, meetings, conferences and national and international forums. Currently, she is involved in several projects related to landscape architecture at different scales and continues her research on issues related to the historic garden an the city configuration.



Julia Carrero

The social role of the landscape architect


Francisco Naranjo

Royal Railway Reconnecting 

Francisco José  Domínguez Naranjo Urban Planner from the ETSAM, Politécnica de Madrid University. He made through the COADE Scholarship the Master in Restoration and Conservation of Architectural and Urban Heritage in ETSAM. Currently, he is a doctoral student in the Architectural and Urban Rehabilitation Program, ETSAS (Sevilla University).

High involvement in the participation of conference as a speaker, as well as in research in the filed of Rehabilitation of Heritage, contributions reflected in publications. His work experience is in the development of freelance through new work plant and rehabilitation, as well as within the framework of the Public Administration. Since 2002, he works Municipal Architect Aranjuez.



Mª del Mar García

Restoration of the “Jardín de los Pabellones del Embarcadero”. El Príncipe Gardens, Aranjuez

María del Mar García Herguido estudied Ingeniería Técnica Forestal by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and Degree in Ingeniería Forestal y del Medio Natural by the University of Valladolid. He complemented his studies with the Master of Gardening and Landscaping by the UPM, Investigation's Master  "Ingeniería para la Conservación y Uso Sostenible de Sistemas Forestales" at the University of Valladolid as well as the Curso Especialización en Rehabilitación de Jardines y Parques Históricos at the UPM.

She develops her work as Forestry Technical Engineer of Patrimonio Nacional, she is in charge of the conservation and restoration of gardens and forestal areas. Actually she is responsible of the management of the Delegation de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Monasterio de San Jerónimo de Yuste, Pantheon de Hombres Ilustres and the Real Monasterio de Santa Isabel.



Mª Teresa Domínguez

Restoration of the “Jardín de los Pabellones del Embarcadero”. El Príncipe Gardens, Aranjuez

María Teresa Domínguez García studied Architecture at the University of Valladolid. He completed his studies with the specialization course in Pathology and Intervention Techniques at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

For 10 years, she works as an Architect of Patrimonio Nacional, dealing with the conservation and restoration of historic buildings. Currently, she is responsible for these tasks in the Royal Palace of Madrid and the buildings of Campo del Moro, in the delegation of Aranjuez and in the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara in Tordesillas.



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